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When A Relationship Or Friendship Ends

When A Relationship Or Friendship Ends
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When A Relationship Or Friendship Ends: When a relationship or friendship ends, what pains more is not the experience or lack thereof. You know what hurts the most? When you remember the promises made that were never kept. That, “I will always be here for you no matter what” comment. It hurts! Every day, we become friends and lovers with others we feel will make our life better.
When A Relationship Or Friendship Ends
You have learnt to be strong on your own and find your own happiness. So you become strong and uptight about accepting anybody into your life, including their words. But some people never give up, do they? They will remind you how good you are and how you deserve the best.

So they swear to always be there for you, provide for you and give you everything you will ever need in life. Of course, you don’t believe them because love has played you once and you’ve learnt your lessons. So you say no.
But then they go on to drop that line, “I will always be here for you no matter what …” And like a pack of cards under domino effect, you let down your guards and believe. For love! Then life happens and you begin to wonder, why do people say things when they can’t predict the future?
But then you need to ask yourself again, why did I believe someone who doesn’t control the future? Love is a beautiful thing and having people to love is even a greater gift. In doing that, don’t lose yourself or hope for too much. Some people can love you and promise you heaven on earth, but they don’t control tomorrow. Anything can happen and it goes in two ways; either you’re back to square one or you go on to enjoy your love life. In the end, one thing is certain; you will be fine! I will be fine!! We will be

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