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3 Reasons You Should Talk To Your Partner About Sex

3 Reasons You Should Talk To Your Partner About Sex
Written by Victor Morgan

3 Reasons You Should Talk To Your Partner About Sex – Although sex is something that’s predominant in our culture; it is still not a topic people are open, relaxed and comfortable with.

Many Africans believe that that area will automatically fix itself. But this leaves many partners frustrated and unhappy. This often leads to cheating. Many people who are having sex would rather not discuss their sexual preferences, they often treat the topic like a taboo.

Overall, sex can be a sensitive and awkward topic that raises feelings of embarrassment, shame or inadequacy. This is largely due to conditioning. Talking about your sexual health with your spouse is very important no matter what your sexual preference or your body count is.

3 Reasons You Should Talk To Your Partner About Sex

Here are 3 reasons why it is necessary to bring up your sexual discussions with your spouse.

  1. Talking About Sex Is The Only Way To Have Better Sex – Educate yourself more; books, magazines and videos might help you get to know your way around female/male sexual anatomy, sexual positions, and techniques and so on. Discuss these with your spouse. So you are on the same wavelength.
  2. Talking Creates A Bond – When it comes to sex, the optimal experience involves feeling emotionally close to your partner, in touch with your body and in the present moment. I have found that by identifying and challenging destructive thought processes or critical inner voices that interfere with closeness and optimal sexual functioning, people can learn to combine love and sexuality and achieve that special combination that is so desirable in an intimate relationship. Taking a chance and talking to your partner can be the first step to achieving this goal.
  3. It Handles Unhealthy Expectations – When it comes to sex, many people tend to feel there are a lot of ”supposed to’s,” as if they are supposed to perform this way or feel that way in a sexual encounter. These expectations are fueled by the inner critical voice and can lead people to self-concious, insecure or disconnected when being physically affectionate. Many people can also be critical of their appearance, viewing themselves as too old/fat/unattractive/uncomfortable for sex.



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