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15 Mistakes That Are Killing Your GPA

15 Mistakes That Are Killing Your GPA
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15 Mistakes That Are Killing Your GPA: For everything, there is a cause and effect. Your GPA doesn’t just go down without certain mistakes on your part. If you have realized that your academic performance needs attention, then it is not too late to take the necessary actions.
15 Mistakes That Are Killing Your GPA

This article exposes the possible 15 mistakes that may have contributed to your GPA drop. Using the GPA calculator, so many persons are having less than 2.5 on a GPA scale of 5.0. Although there are events you cannot change or avoid; such as getting sick, getting bad news and so on. However, there are avoidable GPA killing mistakes.
This article is intended to answer the following frequently asked questions:
1. How do I raise my GPA in university?
2. What makes my GPA go down?
3. What are the strategies to raise my GPA in university?
4. What are the mistakes that kill GPA?
5. How do I maintain a good GPA?
6. Is it true that 100L and 200L GPA is usually low? Identify them below and boost your performance as soon as possible.

                                    GPA KILLING MISTAKES YOU MUST AVOID.
FAILURE TO OVERCOME PROCRASTINATION The 14 letters above is the grave where opportunities are buried. Don’t push things to the future if you can address them in the present. Killing time is not murder, it is suicide. Don’t wait for the exams to be close before you begin adequate preparations. One reason you should stop swimming in the ocean of procrastination is that you cannot predict the future. Today is the only asset you are sure of. Say no to procrastination.

  1. COMPARISON: Comparison is not a proof of anything. Life is not to compete but to complete. You say; “Mr A uses this approach and it works for him, so let me do the same” or “I want to be like Peter”. Now, who is Peter? I don’t know but certainly not you. Just be unique; look for what produces the best result for you and stick to it.
  2. PRIDE: Nothing kills your GP faster than when you begin to form ‘Mr Pompous’. when you are proud, you become too heavy for people to carry. Humble your self to learn what you don’t know. Ask questions, seek help even from your juniors.
    15 Mistakes That Are Killing Your GPA
  3. YOU ARE TOO SHY: You are too shy to relate with people. Have you forgotten that according to research, you remember a lot when you teach others or engage in group discussions? if your GP being affected because you are shy, it is time to work on yourself.
  4. BAD COMPANY: Are your close friends those who are not serious academically? then stop complaining about your poor performance. Like I always say, your friends are the picture of your future. Review your association immediately.
  5. YOU SLEEP TOO MUCH: You can’t be sleeping too much and expect your GPA to be awake. Too much Sleep hasn’t helped you o. You need to check and balance that thing that makes your eyes always close.
  6. YOU BLAMES OTHERS: You always have reasons to blame your lecturers or friends for your poor performance. In the beginning, it was not so. The earlier you start taking full responsibilities for your life, the better.
  7. YOUR LAST SUCCESS: You relaxed because you did very well the other time. Have you forgotten so soon that your last achievement is your greatest enemy? it doesn’t make sense, but it does. Look back occasionally but forward continuously.
    9. YOU SETTLED FOR LESS: You decided to take anything that comes your way. Have you forgotten that any GP can be 0.5? go for what you want. Don’t let anyone tell you to settle for less. Your GPA trend continues until you decide to aim for the very best.
    10. INCONSISTENCY: It is better to die standing than to continuously live in your knees. Don’t have a scattered academic or reading life. Be consistent in your dealings.11. SKIPPING CLASSES: Some of the things your lecturer says in class are the prophecies of your exam questions. You skipped the class, there you missed the rhema. Academic Rhema is the key to your success.

    12. YOU DIDN’T COMPLETE THE SCHEME: The part you left out may likely come out on the exam. Try to cover as much as possible before the exam. The issue of not completing the scheme can be overcome by starting early and being consistent.

    13. ADDICTION TO TECHNOLOGY: Your addiction to Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, games, films, phones and so on, are not helping matters as well. Try to put some limits on your social life.

    14. NOT IMPROVING YOURSELF: Self-improvement is the beginning of self-discovery. Don’t use last session’ information to solve this semester’s reality. Learn how to answer exam questions.

    15a in school politics/unionism you are there without thinking of what brought you to campus it will also make your GPA drop 15b. DISTRACTIONS FROM OPPOSITE S*X You should be able to explain this one better. You are permitted to allow distractions from the opposite see b. That is if it doesn’t’ affect your GPA. Else, run very fast. Tell yourself the truth about this aspect. I just want to make common sense…


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