14 Ways To Make Money As A Student

14 Ways To Make Money As A Student
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14 Ways To Make Money As A Student – As a student, one of the main things needed for effective learning and for your schooling journey to be successful is funds. Money is really needed. Lack of finance plays a major role in low grades or how else do you expect a man who has not eaten good food for long to read well and concentrate on reading his books? The brain needs food to function effectively; it expends more energy and fat while reading or thinking than when engaging in physical activities

14 Ways To Make Money As A Student


Aside from food, we haven’t talked about buying textbooks, registrations, paying fees and general survival which are also hinged on having a substantial amount of money. At times we really can’t fathom why our youth keep engaging in wrong vices like armed robbery, cultism, prostitution, kidnapping etc it is just because there is nobody to show them the way. You Can Really Make Money Online and Offline as A Student Or Undergraduate In Nigeria

As a student, you can start earning but it takes determination. Believe in yourself and don’t welcome negativity.

In this guide, I will show you the top 15 ways to make money as a student. Being in a higher institution can be quite fun but facing reality; it can be daring and wicked to those who are not lucky to have buoyant parents or sponsors.

14 Ways To Make Money As A Student

  1. Blogging

Blogging is a good business that attracts much income. Anybody can make money through blogging and students are not optional. In the comfort of your home, you can blog and get paid in your Nigerian bank account.

In blogging, all that is needed is having something to write about something unique and that can interest the public, something that captivates your interest and something you have vast knowledge about. So you may wonder how one actually makes money from this. Here are listed ways

  • Google AdSense.
  • Consultation on SEO, traffic related issues
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Freelancing (writing posts and articles for other blogs and individuals)
  • Website creation and design and web
  • Selling of my information products on this site and on AMAZON.
  1. Hair and Beauty Salon and Hand Crafts

This is a popular business in school. You don’t joke with the females when it comes to looking good so you can leverage on that human want and start making money even as an undergraduate

Hair beauty salon and handcraft include:

  • Hairdressing for females.
  • Makeup artists.
  • Barbing for males.
  • Bead and bangle making.
  • Woven embroidery and knitting etc.

Some people love looking good and take everything to keep that without minding the cost. You can learn the skills if you don’t have a prior knowledge and buy your equipment. You may not necessarily need a shop; you can work from the hostel room or corridor. It’s up to you

  1. Mini-importation business

The mini importation business is one easy way out of your financial troubles. It’s a very lucrative way to make money online and offline in Nigeria as an undergraduate irrespective of the institution you find yourself.

The basic idea is to import goods that students that catch the attention of students, it doesn’t make your sex, both male and female can go into this business as far you have something that people likes and want to buy

You can import the following items and they will thrive well in any Nigerian campus:

  • Phone pouch and cases with USB cords.
  • Human hair.
  • Tablet phones.
  • Wristwatches, bangles, chains, anklet and customized wristbands.
  • Modems and card readers.
  • Flash and memory card.
  • Solar chargers.
  • Sandals and shoes.
  • Clothes and underwear and lots more

There are lots of items to import, just think aside from the box and the good thing about this business is you pay cheaply to buy the items and sell them expensively. Your gain can be 200% that is how lucrative this business can be.

  1. Baking and Confectioneries

As a student, you can take advantage of celebration and party such as birthdays, graduation, matriculation, convocation, hall weeks etc to put up a baking and confectioneries business such as

  • Baking cakes
  • Pies
  • Making rolls and its variation
  • Fries
  • Sharwama and pizza etc

One thing about baking is if you can be able to satisfy your clients, then you should be less worrisome about finance because money will start trooping in. be exceptional in your business.

You can bake from your hostel rooms using locally made items such as stoves and pot and people may not be able to tell the difference between those baked in ovens. Baking is not so difficult to learn, three days is enough to learn baking. You can open your mini fast food.

  1. Tutorials centre

There are students who are out there looking for a way to broaden their knowledge in some courses they find difficult or struggling to pass some courses. You can turn this to your advantage and start making money from organizing tutorial classes for students.

It could be on some academics courses or something else like how to bake, how to play the guitar, how to make money online etc. Impact knowledge and get paid then watch your bankroll soar high. You can use your room, a classroom, back of a classroom, or any vacant location to actualize this.

  1. Photography and organizing social events

This job is suitable for the social and outspoken people. Photography and social events go side by side. You can plan events like

  • Social weeks
  • Fellowship days
  • Birthdays
  • Room, department and faculty weeks etc

You can organize social events in the university and people pay to come in or it can be as well put for free while they just pay for their red carpet pictures, either way, you are not losing at the end. You will need a camera, a studio where you print your pictures as hard copy or you can possibly get a personal printer and have other photography pay you to print for them. For some people that will want to demand the soft copy, then learn Adobe Photoshop as an advantage.

  1. Manual and Menial Jobs

Engaging in manual and menial jobs for other students. To make headways, you will have to swallow those pride. No matter what you think, it’s better than stealing, joining cults or engaging in prostitution. You can run services like

  • Car washing.
  • Cooking services
  • Run errands.
  • Laundry and general home maintenance services etc

Just try to be humble, careful and punctual and gradually, you will pave ways for yourself, you never can tell you just might be helping the governor’s child.

  1. Engaging in school politics

This is not for everyone. You have to possess the following; boldness, leadership qualities, lovable, social, eccentric and daring to survive. With a high level of cultism in Nigeria University and subsequent intimidation, one needs to be very careful when venturing into politics, also, have it at the back of your mind that you will definitely have to slide backwards in your academics. So ask yourself this, are you ready to sacrifice.

  1. Freelancing

This involves been hired by a firm or a person to carry out a task. It’s mostly about writing, which is quite easy for a university student. Freelancing offline includes Writing assignments, reports seminars and projects for busy students, Customizing PowerPoint slides and Writing editorials.

Freelancing online involves Writing posts and articles for websites to get paid.

Earning here relies on skills that you have gathered over time. If you have the skill, you can put up for hire.

  1. Computer Jobs

This is another good avenue to make money with your computer skills. Instead of using your computer to play games and watching a movie while not use it for something productive such as

  • Installation of computer software and games.
  • Typing, scanning and photocopying jobs.
  • Online application for new and old students
  • General internet solutions.

We are in the IT age, so getting customers may not be a problem here. Advance your knowledge of computer related skills in your spare time.

  1. Bulk SMS and Email Business

This involves sending SMS and emails to people. You can go into this business and get paid for it. You can run your services for Churches, fellowships, mosques, class representative, student politicians etc. by helping them send Bulk SMS and mail to members.

12. Get a Scholarship

There are so many organizations that are willing to pay academically sound students. Some of this scholarship bodies include:

  • Total ELF
  • MTN
  • Agbami
  • MUSTE and lots more

Always be current and put your ears on the ground so as to apply when any is up. You may just be the lucky candidate.

13. Charging booth on campus

In as much as the power situation in the country is alarming, as a business-oriented individual, you can take that as an advantage and make money through it. Students cannot do without their phones, laptops and lamps off so they don’t mind paying to get them charged. For this business, all you need is a small generator and a muti-facet socket.

14.  Buy and Sell

While in school, you can involve yourself in buying and selling the business. You can choose a product that will sell well around the school. There are many products you can think of, ranging from fashion; clothes, shoes, weave-on, stationery and more. You can make a serious amount of money from buying and selling business especially if you do it well.


As a student, you can earn money both offline and online. No matter how silly it may sound, it not more silly than engaging yourself in social vices such as cultism, stealing, prostitution etc which is one of the aims of this article, reducing the social vices in our university and making our youths better. There are obviously more ways to make money but this is some of the major ways. Do well to share, sharing is caring. Show love to others. They may find it useful.


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