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10 Step To Keep My Virginity Till Marriage

10 Step To Keep My Virginity Till Marriage
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 10 Step To Keep My Virginity Till Marriage: Many teenagers nowadays find it very difficult to keep their virginity but I don’t find it difficult if you can patiently follow the step below. Even in a matured relationship nowadays ladies find it very difficult which some ladies and teens fall victim of sex and unwanted pregnancy.

10 Step To Keep My Virginity Till Marriage

10 Step To Keep My Virginity Till Marriage

It is very possible to keep your virginity till marriage with the steps below.

STEP 1: Occupy Your Mind With Entrepreneurship
This will help you earn money. It makes your mind and brain very busy and calculative. You won’t have time to think about emotions or emotional things. Never let your mind be less busy so your emotions won’t control you. This will help you keep your virginity.

STEP 2: Don’t Always Be Controlled By Your Emotion
Learn to control your emotions. I know as a woman you would always have the desire to be touched and anytime you feel like that try to go for sports, play phone games, do simple jugging at home as this will help you reduce your desire for sex and hence keep you for the journey of life.

10 Step To Keep My Virginity Till Marriage

Don’t Always Be Controlled By Your Emotion

STEP 3:  Make Happiness Your Priority.
Don’t let anyone or anything steal your joy. Drink enough water in a day as this helps your heart pump well and can also help you attain happiness. Buy things for yourself and don’t always want to be pleased by others. Please yourself first but it should be in a positive way. This will help you reduce stress and keep you happy.

STEP 4: Recommend Yourself
Don’t always wait for people to recommend you. Learn to be a leader to yourself and learn to give your body instructions. If you do what is right then recommend yourself and do more because people don’t really
recommend good things so just recommend yourself and move on.

STEP 5: Have Self Confident And Dignity
Don’t allow yourself to be influenced or controlled by people around you. Be proud of yourself if possible as people nowadays see self-respect as pride.

STEP 6: Keep Good Company And Ego
Don’t keep bad friends or girls that have might be deflowered cause they may always talk about sex and you might feel the urge to try it out at some point. When your friends are virgins it encourages you to keep yours. Not all virgins are decent as there are some virgin girls who some deflowered girls are better than. So I would advise you choose your friends wisely.

STEP 7: Read Motivational Books And Write-Ups
Read books like the bible and write-ups like this one you’re reading and you could also go on the net to read. Learn to be a good writer and also a good listener cause not all writers or readers are the good listener. This will also keep till marriage.

10 Step To Keep My Virginity Till Marriage

Learn To Be Contented And Have A Goal

STEP 8: Learn To Be Contented And Have A Goal
When you have a target, you have a goal to achieve therefore always remain focused and don’t compromise. Who so ever that says he loves you will wait for the appointed time so don’t be deceived. Don’t always trust people cause not all that glitters is gold. Learn to do without people who can respect your decision. This will help you keep your virginity till marriage.

STEP 9: Learn To Be Independent As A Woman
Learn to earn money so you don’t get carried away with a gift and material things from guys. Live a life worth emulating. Learn to write motivational words and learn to teach so when you want to do such you look back at the people you’ve taught, people who look up to you, encourage you to inspire you and were equally inspired by you.

STEP 10: Live A Life With Eternity In View
Don’t do anything that would not please God or that you know is wrong. Always imagine a great future and don’t get comfortable with someone disrespecting you.

If you follow the above 10 Steps To Keep My Virginity Till Marriage steps accordingly then many people with class and vision will love you and you would be a blessing to people around you. If every teenager will adhere to this instruction then the world would be a better place and many marriages will last cause so many problems at home or marriage is because the husband is not sure of the wife.


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